The Djinn

Everything about the Djinn and the Shaytan (devil)

In this article you will find everything about the jinn and the shaytaan (devil)

Definition of the Djinn


When we talk about the Jinn, we are talking about a creature that Allah created and that, like man, must worship Allah. In the Koran in Surah Al-Dhaariat verse 56 it says:

“And I have created the jinn and the people only for My worship. "

Although the Djinn was created to worship Allah just like us, there are many differences between us and them, so they live in another world that is in our world, this world is invisible to our eyes and the Djinn itself are not for us to be.
We can only see a Djinn who takes on a different form (animal, human, object), but we will come back to that later.

Furthermore, the Djinn have received certain powers such as, traveling long distances in a very short time, there are some who can fly, some have very great power, but what should be clear to everyone is that all this with the will of Allah happens and that the Djinn cannot see and know the unseen (Al-Ghayb) as many claim. Like us, they are ignorant of the unseen, such as the Hour, when someone dies, etc., this power and knowledge lies only with Allah.

In the Koraan in Surah Al-A'raaf verse 7 it says:

"Surely he sees you, he and his tribe, from where you do not see them."

So it is already clear that the Djinn are creatures of Allah, and that they differ from us, this difference becomes even more apparent when we look at what the Djinn were created from, it may be clear that Allah the Exalted has man from earth created, the Djinn was created from something else, namely from a smokeless flame of fire.

In the Koran Surah Al-Rahmaan verse 15 it says:

"And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of Fire."

Furthermore, the Djinn lived here on earth earlier than we did, they came here 2000 years earlier than our ancestor Adam (peace be upon him).
In the Koran Surah Al-Hijrr verse 26 and 27 it says:

“Truly We created man from dry, sounding clay, from black mud in shape
wrought ”.

"And We had previously created the jinn from flaming fire".

The Djinn species

The word Djinn has different meanings in Arabic, but the meaning that is most correct is hidden or concealed.

Al-Jawhari says: Al-Djaan is the father of the Djinn, the plural is Djeenaan. In Al-Qamoos Al-Muheet it says: Djannahu Al-Layl means, the night has covered him. Everything hidden from you is Djunna 'Anka. Djinn Al-Layl means the darkness of the night.

In Lisaanul 'Arab it says: Janana means hiding or hiding something.

The Djinn is therefore a creature that is hidden from us, we cannot see it, the fetus, also means Al-Janeen, because it is hidden from the eye in the womb of its mother.

Ibn 'Abd Al-Barr said: According to scholars of the Arabic Language there are different categories of names of the Djinn:

  1. When they talk about the Djinn in general, they use the word Djinni.
  2. If the Djinn belong to those who live with people in their homes, they are called "Aamir, the plural of which is" Ummaar.
  3. If it is a Djinn who deals with children, they call them Arwaah (spirits)
  4. If the Djinn is bad then they call him a Shaytaan (devil).
  5. If he is worse than that, they call him a Maarid (demon).
  6. If he is worse than that and is very strong, they call him an "Ifriet, the plural of which is" Afaareet.

These are the names of the different types of Djinn depending on their strength and activities, we can summarize that all of the above names can be divided into 3 types of Djinn.

Abu Tha'laba Al-Khushani said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

"The Djinn consist of 3 types; A type that has wings, and they fly through the air, a type that takes the form of snakes and dogs, and a type that stops for a rest break and then continues its journey.

”(Reported by al-Tahaawi in Mushkil al-Athaar 4 / 95 and saheeh declared by Albaani in al-Mishkaat 2 / 1206 No. 4148)

Muslims and unbelievers among the Djinn

I had previously stated that the Djinn were created for the same as man, namely worshiping Allah the Exalted, and therefore there are Muslims and unbelievers among the Djinn. When we talk about Muslim Jinn, we simply call them Jinn, because they are our brothers in the faith, so it is not appropriate to call them Shaytaan, Maarid, or "Ifriet," because these are specific names for the unbelieving Jinn.

In the Koran in Surah Al-Djinn verse 14-15 says:

“And there are Muslims among us, and there are among us who have deviated from the right way. And those who submit - have sought the right path ”.

"And those who turn aside from the right way will be the fuel of hell."

Ibn Mas'ood (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Someone from the Djinn (Muslim) called me, and I went with him and recited the Koran for them. He (the Djinn) took us and showed us the prints of the places where they have been and the traces of their fires.
They asked him (the Prophet) for food and he said; You can eat every bone for meat on which the name of Allah has been pronounced and which comes into your possession, and all excrements as food for your animals. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: So do not use these things (the bones and excrement) to cleanse yourself (after toileting), because it is the food and means for your brothers (the Muslim Jinn).

(Muslim nr 450)

From this tradition we can therefore find proof that the Muslim Djinn are our brothers and that just like us they just eat and even have animals that also do certain things for them.

Although the Muslim Djinn are our brothers in the faith, it is not allowed for us to call in their help and such, because this may eventually lead to Shirk as with the wizards, we will discuss this later Insha Allah a bit more extensively in the chapter of the most frequently asked questions. What is allowed to invite the Djinn to Islam, this must be done by someone who is steadfast in his faith and possesses a solid level of knowledge, there are many stories of the selef in which they taught the Djinn .

In the Koran in Surah Al-Djinn verse 6 it says:

"Certainly there were some people who sought refuge from some jinn, thereby increasing their sins."

It must now be clear that the Jinn exist, apart from the Muslims, many peoples acknowledge the Jinn, there are countless verses in the Koran and even an entire Surah bearing their name and many traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) about them. Those who deny the Djinn after the evidence has come to them commit an act of unbelief, because whoever does not believe in 1 verse of Allah has thus practiced unbelief with it, may Allah protect us from it. So you will only see that no one denies the existence of the Djinn except someone who is arrogant and haughty.

The struggle between Iblies and his followers against the children of Adam

In the Koraan in Surah Al-A'raaf verse 11 to 18 it says:

“We created you, then We formed you; then We said to the angels: "Submit yourselves to Adam" and they submitted themselves, except Iblis; he was not of those who submitted ”.

(Allah) said, "What prevented you from submitting when I commanded you?" He replied, “I am better than him. You created me from fire and him from clay ”.

(Allah) said: Remove yourselves from here - it is not for you to be proud here. Go, you certainly belong to those who will be humbled. ”

He said, "Give me respite until the Day when they will be raised."

(Allah) said: You have been reprieved.

He replied, "Well, since you caused me to wander, I will certainly get in their way in Your right path."

"Then I will surely show myself before them and behind them and on their right and on their left, and you will not find most of them thankful."

(Allah) said: Go, despised and rejected. Whoever of them will follow you, I will surely fill hell with you all. ”

And with this the battle had begun, the battle between Iblies (father of the Jinn) and his followers against the children of Adam (peace be upon him), Iblies (may Allah curse him) have made a promise to Allah, and it is certain that he will keep this promise, namely that he will do everything in his power to ensure that he does not go to Hell alone. It is unfortunate to see that many of us cannot keep our promise, namely the promise that we worship no one besides Allah the Exalted and that we enable everything to attain His satisfaction and grace.

Now the time has come to focus more on the subject of this manual, the introduction has ended, we will now focus on the evil that is here in this world, and we will try to reveal this evil and we will with the will of Allah succeed in overcoming and combating this evil.

The first 1000 year after Adam (peace be upon him), Tawheed reigned on the earth, all people worshiped no one except Allah. But then Iblies (may Allah curse him) begin to think, he started to think about his promise and the hatred and revenge he had against Adam (peace be upon him) raged in him.

He thought with a cursed thought and came to the conclusion that his own followers from under the Jinn were not enough to fulfill his task, his task that will last until the Day of Judgment. Helpers had to be found from within the human race, he needed followers among the sons of Adam (peace be upon him), for they could do certain things that he could not.

And so he started recruiting and teaching these people in the bad, he taught them in falsehood, he taught them in Shirk and Kufr and promised them fame, wealth and great powers, but in reality he led them to the destruction of themselves , he led them to Hell !!

But who are the helpers of Iblis (may Allah curse him) then who are these ungrateful creatures who think they can compete with Allah and his sincere servants. They are none other than the sorcerers and their like who claim to have knowledge of the unseen, some of them even claim to be the Awliyaa (friends) of Allah, but in fact they are the Awliyaa of Shaytaan and set him down.

In the Koran in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 102 it says:

“And they follow the same way that the devils took against the reign of Solomon - and Solomon was not unbelieving, but unbelieving were the devils and they taught the people Sihr (sorcery, deceit, illusion). And (they act upon) what was revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut in Babylon. But neither of these taught any one until they said, “We are but a trial; therefore do not disbelieve ”. Thus they (the people) learn from them that wherewith they make a dispute between a husband and his wife, but they harm no one except by the command of Allah; but these learn what harms them and what does them no good, knowing that he who does these things has no gain in the Hereafter; bad is what they sold their souls for; had they only seen it! ”


From the above verse the scholars have obtained 5 learning points for us, 5 important points that we will discuss inshallah:

  1. The Doctrine of black magic, or Sihr, is something one can learn, the wizards have even written countless books from which their followers can learn, and the Shayateen help the wizards to further expand their knowledge in this doctrine.
  2. So it is a doctrine that one can learn, but there is a special condition attached to learning Sihr, because one must first commit unbelief (kufr) before he is allowed to learn Sihr, so the wizard must first do acts of disbelief before continuing with this doctrine, this point will be discussed in more detail later.
  3. This doctrine that can be acquired is worthless, because it is a harmful doctrine, when someone learns this, he is doomed to remain in hell forever (unless repentance is shown and accepted by Allah)
  4. From the above verse it is clear with what Iblies (may Allah curse him) lure the wizards, namely for fame and riches, they sell their souls for this.
  5. The most important lesson we can get from this verse is that the Sihr can only work with the will of Allah.