Marriage and communion between man and the jinn! Secret and hidden is the world of the jinn for us

Know your WeaknessesContents1 Know your Weaknesses1.1 Stay among the people Before we start roqyah we serve our

Sidr Package, effective or nonsense product?

Bismillah, peace be upon Mohamed the seal of the Prophets The title will seem a bit strange, but for everything there is a

Supplications of the Morning and the Evening Adhkaar as-sabaa7 wa al masaa 

Allah the Exalted says in the Qur'an in Surah Al-Ahzaab verses 41-42: “O you who believe! Remember Allah often. And

Everything About The Evil Eye And Jealousy

Many Muslims don't believe in the Evil Eye and simply see it as a kind of superstition and those who do it

Everything about the Djinn and the Shaytan (devil)

In this article you will find everything about the jinn and the shaytaan (devil)

Everything about Sihr and Wizards

Everything about Sihr En Wizards In this article we will discuss everything that has to do with sihr and wizards.

Everything about Hijama / Cupping

Everything about Hijama / Cupping ATTENTION !!! The information that follows here is just for the sake of understanding

Everything about Possession

All About Possession In Arabic Possession is called Al-Mass, Al-Mass literally means a touch, the person is like it

Locking your own daughter !!!

Locking up your own daughter !!!? Unfortunately, there are a small group among these parents who do not have the

Spraying Roqya Water into the house and using black musk

Spraying Roqya Water in the house and using black musk. We often see people reacting about

Renewing the Sihr in the month of Sha'baan

Renewing the Sihr in the Month of Sha'baan As the month of Ramadan approaches and this is a month of

العين والحسد

هذه الآيات تُقرأ لحالات العين والحسد

Girl cries tears from crystals | Transformation of Sihr

Transformation of Sihr As we wrote an article about this earlier, you can see an example of this in the following video

Be happy with your possession!

Be happy with your possession! What unfortunately bother many brothers and sisters is that they sometimes have a feeling

What is the regulation concerning the lubrication of the genitals with oil that has been recited.

Question: What is the regulation about smearing the genitals with oil about which the verses of the Quran are

The correct way to oil the body.

This information is taken from a reading by Sheich khalid al habshi. Many patients do not know the appropriate way

Linguistic significance of Sihr

The scholars of Ahlu Sunnah wal Djamaa'ah, have explained the definitions for Sihr for us, I will discuss some of

Sihr Al-Madfun (buried sihr)

Sihr Al-Madfun is one of the strongest types of ash hair that a sahir can do may ALLAH curse them. For this sihr

Muslims who do roqyah for Ahlul Kitaab (Jews & Christians)

In these articles we will talk about performing roqyah for the Jews and Christians

The man whose beard became like wood through the evil eye

This is a story that shows us once again the power of the evil eye. A brother

Waking up with henna spots

Wake up with henna stains?Contents1 Wake up with henna stains?2 Frequently asked questions about henna stains.2.0.1 Question: What is

Zoehri Children

Zoehri Children: This phenomenon shows how wicked the Shayateen and the sorcerers are, and that even the most innocent

The man who killed his wife and ate it!

The following story is a true story that Shaych Khalid Al-Hibshi (may ALLAH keep him) tells. It's a warning

General Roqyah Verses Transcription

General Roqyah Verses Arabic


Kidnapping by the Djinn (PDF)

A case that at first glance looks like a scenario of a horror movie is being kidnapped by the

Arabic Signs on Clothing and her Dangers!


The Shaytaan Shackles in the month of Ramadan

Every year we see the same kind of questions coming back in the month of Ramadan, can I brush my teeth, can I take a blood test, etc. And

The visit to the raaqi

History of Sihr

The wisdoms of Ramadan

The holy month has arrived, the month in which the Qur'an is revealed and the month with a night that gets better

Rituala Romanum (Christian Roqyah)

At-Taabi3ah or At-Tab3ah

As is known there are many types of possession and sihr, from among these types is also AtTaabi3ah and what

Marry a Djinn

Marriage and communion between man and the jinn! Secret and hidden is the world of the jinn for us

The manual against sihr, possession and the evil eye


Al-Waswaas (whisperings from the shaytan)

It is the whisperings of the Shaytan that every believer has to deal with and what sometimes major problems


When looking at whether or not someone is a Sahir, one of the clearest indications is that a

Surah Al-Baqarah

It has been narrated by Abu Hureira (may Allah be pleased with him) who said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

The different types of practitioners from Sihr

Below insha ALLAH a list with different practitioners of sihr, people often only think of the sahir, but there are

The Talaq of the person who has been hit with sihr (or possession)

Is uttering the Talaq (divorce) of the one affected by Sihr (or possession) valid? Of the most common types

Doing Roqyah during treatment without stopping

The raaqi treating a person should avoid stopping the recitation during his treatment, and he

Watch out for the sahir of the jinn (Al-Ghoul-Al-Sha3ali-Al-'ilaan)!

Beware of the Jinn's Sahir (Al-Ghoul-Al-Sha3ali-Al-'ilaan)! The one who does roqyah or this is someone who does it for

The Photo Disease

The Photo Illness We live in a time where privacy is violated on a daily basis, nothing should remain secret and

Is the sihr broken when the sahir dies?

Is the sihr broken when the sahir dies? Is the sihr broken when the sahir dies? Another question is,

Mental disorder

When we look at mental disorders and depression and similar mental illnesses, we can divide them into 2: In

Seeking refuge against all the bad with the Mu'awidatayn

Taking refuge from all evil with the Mu'awidatayn (surah Al-Falaq and Surah Al-Nass): It is reported that Abu Sa'eed