Everything about Possession

Everything about Possession

In Arabic Possession is called Al-Mass, Al-Mass literally means a touch, the person is touched by the Shaytaan as it were, it is also called Al-Sar ', although Sar refers to epilepsy caused by the Jinn and where the Djinn can get full control over the patient's brain and gives the patient blows from the inside, causing this person to fall and get attacks.

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Linguistic significance of Sihr

The scholars of Ahlu Sunnah wal Djamaa'ah have explained the definitions for Sihr for us, I will mention a few of those opinions:
Regarding the linguistic meaning of Sihr, the scholars say:

Al-Layth says, An act that one does so that he comes closer to Shaytaan and this act is performed with the help of Shaytaan.

Al-Azhar says, Sorcery finds its basis in obscuring / concealing the reality of something in something else. (Tadhib Al-Lugha)

Ibn Mansur says, The wizard makes the false look real and makes people believe in something that is not reality, so he has bewitched reality, in other words he has obscured reality. (Lisan Al-'Arab)

Shamir narrates from ibn 'Aisha that he has said: The Arabs have sorcery, called Sihr because it takes away health and gives an illness instead.

Ibn Faris said, some have said that the task is to make the false look real.