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Locking your own daughter !!!

Locking your own daughter !!!

Unfortunately, there are a small group of these parents who do not want to apply the education of Islam, but want the education of the shaytan for their own child. Among these things is the so-called locking of their own daughter.

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Renewing the Sihr in the month of Sha'baan

Renewing the Sihr in the month of Sha'baan

As the month of Ramadan approaches and this is a month of blessings and goodness and the month that the greater Shayateen are chained and their slaves the sahara (sorcerers) become unemployed, we have seen more in the month of Sha'baan (this month). sihr is being renewed.

We have seen this on the basis of the brothers and sisters we treat and we have found this.
The reason for these renewals of the Sihr may be that the Shayateen fear for the month of Ramadan that the Sihr will be totally destroyed and that it cannot be renewed in this blessed month.

We therefore advise our brothers and sisters with the following:

- Protect yourself daily with the pleas of the morning and evening, as well as the pleas one needs in daily life such as for the toilet, going out, going in, getting dressed, etc.

- Before sleeping, drink roqyah water mixed with pure honey

- Before sleeping close doors and windows saying the Basmalah

- Stay away from all haram, and make the house haram free so no music, no pictures of living souls on the wall or openly in the house. (Kids toys and IDs are allowed)

- Keep to the obligations such as prayer and recite daily from the book of ALLAH

- Continue roqyah and do a lot of dua and ask for protection, we are going to dedicate one more article to roqyah in Ramadan and how this should be done

- Try to eat 7 dates of ajwa daily on an empty stomach, if one cannot get to ajwa or cannot afford it financially, other dates are also good with the will of ALLAH

Linguistic significance of Sihr

The scholars of Ahlu Sunnah wal Djamaa'ah have explained the definitions for Sihr for us, I will mention a few of those opinions:
Regarding the linguistic meaning of Sihr, the scholars say:

Al-Layth says, An act that one does so that he comes closer to Shaytaan and this act is performed with the help of Shaytaan.

Al-Azhar says, Sorcery finds its basis in obscuring / concealing the reality of something in something else. (Tadhib Al-Lugha)

Ibn Mansur says, The wizard makes the false look real and makes people believe in something that is not reality, so he has bewitched reality, in other words he has obscured reality. (Lisan Al-'Arab)

Shamir narrates from ibn 'Aisha that he has said: The Arabs have sorcery, called Sihr because it takes away health and gives an illness instead.

Ibn Faris said, some have said that the task is to make the false look real.

Sihr Al-Madfun (buried sihr)

Sihr Al-Madfun is one of the strongest types of ash hair that a sahir can do may Allah curse them.

For this sihr, the sahir must have a certain level with the shayateen to perform this sihr. In addition, something personal is needed from the victim such as some of the hair, nails or something else personal.

The sahir will then mix this with an herb or plant selected by the shaytaan it chooses based on the nature of this person. The sihr with symbols will then be written on this sihr and will be buried deeply.

How is it possible that this sihr has an effect on the victim?

With this type of sihr, the jinn is not present in most cases with the victim, but with the sihr himself, he stays with the sihr and monitors it.

How does the Sihr work?

The sihr is switched to the type of action that the sahir wants, if he wants it to work through the air, then the victim will be bothered when the wind starts to blow, the sahir wants it to work when the stars in a certain line then it will work for the victim when these stars are in that particular line etc.

Is this sihr confirmed and proven?

This sihr has been confirmed in practice as well as in the authentic Sunnah, it is true that our Prophet peace be upon him was touched by this kind of sihr

"Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) reported:

“A man named Lubaid ibn al-Asam (Jew) from the Bani Zurayq did sihr with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), until Allah his Messenger (peace be upon him) imagined that he had done something that he had not done (fellowship with his wives).
One day, while he was with me, he called on Allah for a long time and then said, "O Aisha!
Did you know that Allah informed me about what I asked of Him?
Two men (2 angels) came to me, one by my head and the other by my feet. 1 of them said to his companion, what is this man (the Prophet) suffering from? He is enchanted (Matbub or Mashur). The first asked again, who did it? The other said, Lubaid ibn Al-A'sam.
The first asked again, what did he use (material)? The other said, a comb and the hair (from the beard) attached to it and the roots of a male date tree.
The first early again, where is it? The other said, in the well of Dharwaan!
So Allah his Messenger (peace be upon him), along with a few of his companions went there (the well) and came back saying, O 'Aisha, the color of the water was just like that of henna. And the roots of the date tree looked just like the heads of Shayateen.
I asked, O Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), why don't you show it (to the people)? He said, because Allah has already healed me, and I would not spread the evil (fitnah) to the people. Then he gave the order to fill the well with earth. "
(Bukhari and Muslim)

We will soon post a comprehensive article about the sihr that the Prophet peace has struck with him.

What are the symptoms of this sihr?

-Heavy headache that stings and sticks and suddenly suddenly stops, often when you listen to Koraan the headache goes away
- Blurred vision
- No concentration with every act one wants to do
- People are stopped from doing the things they love
- Weakness and no strength to do something like work and study and the like
Frequent dreams about the dead and cemeteries and falling from high to low, one also gets difficulties with ade

How do you treat this sihr?

If one knows the place where the sihr is buried and it is allowed in Islam to dig it up here, the best way to destroy this sihr is to dig it up and properly destroy it by undoing all nodes and pour over roqyah water.

If the place is unknown, then you should do roqyah and do a lot of dua at ALLAH.

Prevention is better than cure!!

Much of this sihr is placed between the kafn of a dead person, when a loved one dies, watch out for whom to call in to wash the body, preferably close family members should wash their loved ones themselves so that no wrong people are brought into the house .

View the video with examples of buried sihr at cemeteries.


Waking up with henna spots

Wake up to henna spots?

Many myths have been told about these things and these are stories that Moroccans spread very quickly. Eg: "The angels have come, they have done henna with you". If we know that the angels have not even come to the Sahaba to this extent, will they come to us? Second, some have said, "The shayatans have come, they are going to marry them." Here is a small part of the truth, namely that it has something to do with the shayateen.

What the answer to this question is, after having studied the 'ulama (scholars), and having looked at the stories from different sides and also in practice. This phenomenon is called "At-toucan", hereby something of food is placed in your body (we will explain this better), it is also called "sihr al manfoekh".

To see how well organized the wizards are, for example when a bad person goes to a sahir and wants to apply sihr to another person. Then this can be done in different ways, one of which is through food or drink. So they put it (the sihr) in the food, drinks or the like. However, if he fails, the sahir can even order the shaytaan to go to him during that person's sleep and to administer the sihr in his body while he is sleeping. Through his mouth, nose, ears, etc. If this does not work out, then this shayta blows something on that person out of frustration. That is why it is also called "sihr al manfukh", he blows. This also results in the spots on the body coming.

So people who wake up and find spots that look like henna (it doesn't go off with water either) it's usually on the hands, feet or ear. If this is the case, then this person must go and do ruqya anyway and protect himself with ad3iyaah. In principle, the sihr did not succeed. Because if it was successful, you would not find any henna spots. Then you might at most find strange things along your bed that have fallen, but when you find these spots you know that the sihr failed and that the sahirsde shayateen will send back. So our advice is to perform many pleas, perform ruqyah and to stay away from anything that is haram or leads to haram. Wallahu ta3ala a3lam

Frequently asked questions about the henna spots.

We recently posted an article about waking up to the so-called henna spots, from which many questions arose that we will answer here inshallah.

Question: What is the evidence from the Quran and Sunnah of this?

Before asking for proof, you need to know when evidence from Quran and Sunnah is necessary, evidence from Quran and Sunnah is necessary for acts of worship as well as for matters that are prohibited or obligatory etc., which is funny is that the people asking for proof on this topic from the Quran and Sunnah arriving with vitamin deficiency and carotenemia, where is evidence from the Quran and Sunnah regarding this? Islaam also has evidence through research, Istiqra and Tatabu3, so the medical side has been developed, but also many maxims about the Arabic Language.
This kind of cases such as Al-Toekaal are among the cases that have been discovered through experience in practice and research and Istiqraa, just as doctors have found evidence that a certain bacterium is preventing a certain disease, or will one ask for some evidence here from the Quran or Sunnah?

Question: This is not an attempt at failed sihr because an Old Dutch woman has it too!

Answer: Actually we do not want to respond to this but we do it anyway, we will reveal a secret, sihr does not only exist among Moroccans and Turks, no sihr is worldwide and international and believe us people there are many Dutch people, you like Henk and Ingrid who apply sihr and do sihr, just think of the large Jewish communities that exist but also the hobby wizards such as the groupies who hold satanism as a belief and the shayateen themselves who harass the people and therefore also with sihr.

Question: Why is it that many people have these henna spots in Ramadan?

Answer: This is 1 of the proof that it is a failed attempt at sihr, we see in the months of sha3baan and ramadan that suddenly there are many more people with this kind of spots, the reason for this is simple, when it is sha3baan it becomes number of attempts of renewal of sihr stepped up for fear of the arrival of Ramadan, but even in the month of Ramadan the shayateen and sahara try to renew the sihr but this fails with the will of ALLAH because the larger shayatene are imprisoned and unable to use their influence and therefore more people are hit with these spots in these months, because the spots themselves are proof of FAILED sihr.

Question: A child has this himself, it is not possible to do sihr with children.

Answer: Most brothers and sisters who do not have much knowledge about this profession and are not really involved in it will be shocked by the reality, what we have experienced in more than 13 years in this profession is bizarre and terrible, we even have babies treated that were not older than a few weeks to months and who received nothing but breastfeeding but during a roqyah session, black and red substances vomited and shivered and had to cry. Those who apply for sihr are bad people who are envious and have an unbelieving heart, and how would you hurt someone the most by hitting the dearest possession and those are the children, but Alhamdulilah have Muslims ALLAH and we see that ALLAH protects the children more because of their innocence and powerlessness.

Question: No one would do sihr with me, I will not harm anyone

Answer: This is basically the same as saying that if someone does you harm then you can do sihr with that person. Doing Sihr is never allowed for any reason, people forget that there are really sick people in this world who are devils and really sick, and carry a disease in their hearts, even if someone has a new car or new shoes , if people knew what we experienced before stories with people we treated, we can fill an entire book with it, did you know that there are people who just want to do sihr with someone out of curiosity, so just to see if it works, so people are so sick and if someone does sihr peace with the Prophet be with him, who is the model of goodness and of justice, who are you and me then?

Question: This is just vitamin deficiency or carotenemia

We have had many people who have been given this, who have been to a doctor and have had blood tests, everything was perfect and even the doctors did not know what it was and also stated that it had nothing to do with vitamin deficiency, and if you have such spots should get from carotenemia then you should really eat a few kg of carrot or pumpkin.

How did we come to Al-Toekaal that this is a failed sihr attempt, first of all there are other arguments that have been in the business for years that have confirmed this, and we have investigated this in practice and saw a pattern in it, we will mention a number of things;

- Many people get dreams beforehand that these spots are eating, and this is a sign of sihr renewal, with the will of Allah it has failed but they wake up with these spots

- Stains like this sometimes happen with an entire family, and sometimes this family does not even live together, in fact sometimes they are not even in the same country, yet they all ate it all on the same day, it is special when they are all on have a vitamin deficiency on the same day.

- During roqyah sessions where we know that the djinn in the body is a sahir that constantly renews sihr, a patient is called spots during the roqyah henna, so an attempt was made to renew sihr even during the roqyah

- People who wake up with henna spots and find strange objects on their bed or next to their bed, such as stones, glass, feathers, rope with knots, etc., is this also due to vitamin deficiency or eating carrots and pumpkin?

These are just a few of the things we have spent years investigating on hundreds of patients, if we then see certain patterns and prove and say statements from other specialists in roqyah then we give a diagnosis and our opinion, who wants to follow and who follows not who can think what they want and that is no problem


Zoehri Children

Zoehri Children:

This phenomenon shows how bad the shayateen and the wizards are, and that even the most innocent creature doesn't care.

Zoehri Children are children who because of certain characteristics determined by the Shayateen. For example, the sahir (wizard) searches for these children and is willing to pay big money for this. In exchange, the sahir gets a high place among the shayateen and great treasures of gold and jewelry that are buried.

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