Name: Roqyah Practice Karkariyyah, Mohamed Taibi
Website: practiceformigraine..nl, main site sect www.karkariya..com
fb: roeqia practice karkariya
Type of warning: Kufr, Shirk, Bid'ah, Sahir
Working environment: Amsterdam

ahmed el assaoui

Name: Ahmed El Assaoui
Website: www.elaissaoui. NL
Unmasking: Sahir


Name: Mahfoudi, Abdo Lah Al Hakim (fb name) and Mim Mah (fb name)

Type of exposure: works with shayateen (Isti'anah), claims to heal people, claims to have power over every jinn, claims to heal people within an hour and even minutes

Work area: Both on the internet on dutch sites and abroad on arabic websites


Name: Hajj Tayeb Al-Huzali ibn Mundhir

Kind: exposure: Sahir

Work area: Taroudant / Casablanca



Name: Senna
Location: Gouda
Facebookpagina: Shifaa
Reason warning: Working together with jinn, possession, errors in the way of roqyah